And So It Begins….


I must confess, I don’t know that I will have any better success in keeping this blog current than I had with the last one.  I failed dismally at that one.  And I am sure I have even less “spare” time now.  But that’s what has inspired the title of this new blog.  My “Post Cards” blog is where I would like to share with you in quick little snippets and posts, the projects that I am working on — not for sale, but for our own collection.  I have often said that I better retire soon, as I have such a HUGE stash of “saving this for when I retire” projects that it is embarrassing.  However, I have decided that there is no time like the present, and have tried in recent months to spend at least part of one weekend a month working on my own projects.  And guess what??  It works!!!

I have the first fruits of those occasional “after hours” sessions to share with you.  A little back story here.  Two years ago, I had the honor and privilege of attending the first Good Sam Academy of Miniatures, and to take my first and only class, with the amazing Rik Pierce.  The project was called the “Hunter’s Folly”.  It is a MASSIVE structure with all of the detail and character that Rik is known for.  It came home maybe half done.. maybe.  And that’s not counting the things that were done that we decided to RE-DO.. like laying hardwood floors, adding electrical wiring (one can never have too many lights…) etc.

The folly is finally finished, and it has morphed into “The Cottage at Swallowtail Meadow’.  It is inhabited by the lovely, albeit slightly eccentric Miss Hester Pickering, world renown entomologist.  Miss Hester specializes in raising and collecting rare specimens of “flutter-by”.  Her ancient glass walled conservatory is perfect for this endeavor, and her little office is perfect for her research.  She would love to invite you for a visit.   Just use the “Gallery” link at the top of the page to view lots of photos and read more about the project.