1. The Cottage at Swallowtail Meadow
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  • This lovely piece was designed and taught by the wonderful Rik Pierce at the first Good Sam Academy. It was a wonderful experience.

  • Beautiful Gothic Windows enclose the wonderful walled Conservatory.... the perfect place to look for butterflies.

  • Originally called the "Hunter's Folly" the little brass plaque now lets visitors know that they are entering the Cottage at Swallowtail Meadow. Lights by Ray Storey.

  • This is Miss Hester Pickering, world famous entomologist. She is perusing her lovely conservatory looking for an elusive strain of "flutterby" as she calls them. Doll is by Nantasy Fantasy and was a gift from my friend Moonyeen.

  • Miss Hester's flowers, including iris, tulips, jonquil and hydrangeas are in full bloom. Thanks to friends Moonyeen Moller and Lenora Watson for help with the flower making.

  • The gargoyles around the door are left from earlier days. Quite dramatic, aren't they. Thank goodness they don't scare away the butterflies. Look closely and you might see several varieties on the lovely wisteria bush.

  • First Floor Parlour

  • Beautiful Fireplace with glowing embers. Lights by Ray Storey

  • Hester's childhood portrait hangs over the mantle.

  • Furniture by Bespaq. Lighting by Ray Storey.

  • Pretty flowers and butterflies live inside the cottage too!

  • Many hours were spent mounting the lovely specimens in the gallery table.

  • The second floor serves as Hester's Study. Tiffany lamp by the Kummerows, floor lamp Jim Pounder, accessories EV Miniatures, Furniture by Bespaq.

  • Even the stained glass window is in keeping with the theme.

  • Miss Hesters Desk contains lots of interesting pieces. Desk by Bespaq, accessories by EV Miniatures.

  • The tall highboy bookcase has lots of space for tiny filled specimen jars. The interior lighting helps make them more visable. Poor Hester's eyes are not what they used to be.

  • The smaller cabinet has room for even more display items, as well as important reference books.

  • Miss Hester thanks you for visiting. Come again soon and next time, stay for tea!