We've fallen in love!!!   

We have become totally fascinated with antique Bliss dollhouses.   If you don't know what a Bliss dollhouse is, read on....


Bliss Manufacturing Co was located in Pawtucket, Rhode Island.  They made many products in their 100 year history, but they are best known for their wooden toys and dollhouses covered with lithographed paper.  Today, Bliss toys and dollhouses have become highly desired by collectors, and are featured in many museum collections.

The Bliss company began as a producer of wooden screws and clamps for piano and cabinet makers.  While the exact date that they began manufacture of toys is not known, the earliest know advertisement for Bliss toys appeared in 1871.  The majority of the dollhouses that I have found in my research were made around the turn of the century. In addition to dollhouses, they produced lithographed blocks, pull toys, games, and even tiny pianos and tool chests for lucky children.

The dollhouses were not elaborate - particularly compared with our dollhouses today.  No working windows, intricate moldings, electric lamps, sidings or even shingles or shutters.  The bliss dollhouses were simply constructed, usually with only a few rooms. They were designed in late-Victorian style.  Their shapes and sizes were enhanced by fancy gables and dormers, porches, balconies, posts and pillars.  Some houses had cut out windows lined with isinglass and lace curtains and opening front doors.  However, for the most part, the architectural details of a Bliss house are created in the fabulous lithographed artwork.  Even the "turned" porch posts are sometimes artwork around a square piece of wood which implied balls and turnings.  Elaborate trimmings, railings, sidings, etc. were all incorporated into the lithograph artwork and were done in wonderfully rich colors.

The interiors were sometimes decorated with lithographed wallpaper, floor coverings, windows, doors, etc.

Scale did not seem to be a big factor for these toys.  The sizes range anywhere from a simple two room house that stands 10" in height to a wonderfully elaborate large house with two stories and an attic that measures 24" in height.  In addition to houses, bliss fire houses, garages, and stables were popular toys of the day.


After lots of experimenting, tinkering, fiddling and computer time, we have created a line of tiny "bliss inspired" dollhouses for the dollhouse.  They are made much in the same way as the originals, and are as faithful to the original artwork designs as possible.  Our houses are made from wood, and high quality printed designs are then applied to both the interior and exterior of the house.   They vary in size, as we have scaled the sizes of the original houses down to 1/12" scale. Some of these will sit on a table in your dollhouse, others are larger and look better on the floor of your dollhouse..  We have left the back open on our houses, and have completed the interiors with wallpapering, floor coverings, windows and doors.

Each of our designs will be available as a finished, signed numbered piece, or in kit form for the do-it-yourselfer.  The finished houses are available exclusively thru Daisy's Dollhouse Miniatures.

Below are photos of the first five in our series of twelve mini bliss buildings. The black and white photos are examples of the original houses which served as our inspiration.

The Keyhole Cottage

The black and white photo shows an original example of this darling diminutive house.  I love the steep pitch of the roof, and the tall spindly chimney, but my favorite part is the lattice upper porch enclosure with the opening cut into it which gives the house it's name. The black and white photo shows an original dollhouse, the color photos, our mini re-creations.  Our tiny house measures just 1 3/4 in height.


The Duplex

We named this house the Duplex because we immediately noticed the two separate front doors and steps, and also the way that the upper floor was divided.  Perhaps this was an early apartment complex?  Whatever you call it, it is the most intricate of our houses so far, requiring nearly 80 separate pieces.   This house stands 2 3/4" in height.  


The Balcony House

Named for it's cute little balcony, this mini house measures 1 3/4 in height.  Black and white photo is of an original, full size model.  The artwork on this house was very interesting, and reminds me in some ways of a Swiss chalet.  Notice the yellow fish shaped emblem in the center front of the balcony... it is one of the ways that bliss houses were signed.


Small Americana House

While the lines of this house are quite simple, the artwork is really wonderful!!  Intricate borders, and tiny stonework and a wonderful heart shaped motif over the porch which is where the original house bore the bliss emblem.  I love the arched windows and the two chimneys! Our house measures 1 3/4" in height.


The Flower House

Another house that is simple in construction, and lavish with artwork!  Flower motifs over the windows give this house it's name. The tiny colored stonework pattern around the windows and around the base is just delightful, as is the beading and colorful petal pattern at the roof edge.  This charming abode measures approx. 1 3/4" in height.



If you are interested in purchasing a finished, limited edition piece, please use this link to visit Daisy's Dollhouse Minis. (www.daisysdollhouseminis.com)