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"A Piece of Cake" -

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"A Moment in Time"

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"One Good Turn"

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"Washington Heights Bungalow"

- 1/4 Scale House

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"The Visalian"

1/4 Scale House

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I have several pages on this site of my finished miniatures, and they are grouped by type. You may select any of the links below by clicking on the photo to view the items you are interested in.

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Filled Cabinets, Vanities, and Store Fixtures

Miniature Shoes

Miniature Hats


My Miniature Bit o'Bliss Dollhouses




More Than You Ever Wanted to Know

About Me and My Miniatures

I can't remember a time when miniatures did not fascinate me. My childhood bedroom had shelves lined with small porcelain teasets and tiny blown glass animals and the like. When playing with my beloved Barbie dolls, I never longed for the big huge Barbie Townhouse, but the tiny shoes, stockings, purses and earrings fascinated me.

I began creating dollhouse miniatures in 1976, shortly after the birth of my first child. I guess it was a generally creative period in my life all around! My first pieces were assembled from Reallife furniture kits. However, I quickly realized that all those furniture pieces needed the tiny detailed accessories to make the work.

I ventured into making bread dough flowers and accessories, which were quite the trend back then, thanks to books by Myers on making all manner of minis with this very inexpensive medium. Unfortunately, between insects and moisture, few of those early creations survive, and now we have much more sophisticated materials to create with.

My bread dough flowers needed pots, which required purchasing a kiln. Well, as long as there was a kiln in the house, why not learn to make porcelain dollhouse dolls! My first miniature business, Thumbelina Originals was born, and I made dressed and undressed dollhouse dolls for sale for about 7 years.

At that time, the entire industry of making large dolls erupted with a bang, and I became hooked along with nearly everyone I knew. I made dolls, taught classes, and eventually owned and designed for the Doll Emporium Pattern Company. The "big dolls" era consumed about 10 years of my life, and eventually grew stale.

During this time, I had paid little attention to miniatures. Most of my best minis were carefully packed away. But browsing a new sensation called "Ebay" one afternoon, I rediscovered my beloved miniatures in a BIG way.

No more crude miniature doll molds, no more ping pong ball tiffany lamp shades. No clunky furniture, or bread dough creations. Here was the age of Bespac, laser cutting, polymer clays and unbelievable artists making all manner of magic.

I jumped back into the miniatures with a new enthusiasm and appreciation for all things small. My first creations were my miniature hats, which even today are immensely popular, both with collectors, and with the many students who are members of my Mad Hatter's Club where they are learning my technique.

I made a few miniature dolls with the molds available on the market, but soon longed to have molds that were my own. There is nothing quite like seeing a lump of clay become a lovely porcelain doll. My husband apprenticed with a master moldmaker and conquered the daunting field of moldmaking and mastering, and before we knew it, we found ourselves in the mold business, with a very popular mold line.

But dolls are not enough to keep my busy mind occupied, so I also learned to make shoes, accessories, tiny books, toys, and eventually completely filled shop displays and fixtures. All of my finished pieces are sold through Daisys Dollhouse Miniatures, by my dear friend Avis Boesmiller.

I started sharing my techniques with a library of free tutorials on my website. (which of course required learning more about computers and the like than I ever thought I would need to!) It didn't take long to realize that the internet was a wonderful way to teach, and that there were miniaturists the world around eager for fun projects and new adventures.

I currently teach online classes several times a month, continue to make and sell finished dolls and miniatures, and am always adding to the miniature doll line. A recent addition of a new laser cutter/engraver has opened up yet another world full of mini possibilities, and we are busy designing new products daily.

I guess that pretty much brings you up to date with where i have been and where I am going. I could not do any of this without the support, skills and encouragement of my husband Larrell, and my two sons, Ryan and Aaron. Ours is truly a family business and everyone here plays an important part in getting it all done. And yes, there is LOTS to be done. There are never enough hours in a day, but that's what makes life exciting... that and the next new creation waiting to happen!


I am horribly camera shy, but at the insistence of my dear, but insistant, friend Maybird, here is a photo of Larrell and I. Not terribly current, but better than none!