Error During my recouperation from surgery, shipping will be done twice a week rather than on a daily basis. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Miniature Doll Molds

Molds are available for order again.  I still have not recovered well enough from my hand surgery to do the production myself, but have enlisted help!  (Actually, I drafted my son... one of the benefits of

Please allow 3 weeks production time, its winter, and the plaster takes longer to totally dry.  Thanks!

Molds for ladies, characters, and children, including the amazing belly button babies all await you here.


Larrell used to be the moldmaker in the family.  With his passing, this task has been passed on to me. Unfortunately, I am not able to keep all of the molds in stock at all times.  If a mold is not in stock when we receive your order, it will be poured for you. However, we will not ship the mold to you until it is completely dry, which can take up to 21 days, especially in the colder winter months. Wet molds are too easily damaged in shipping and receiving a wet mold would be of no use to you.

Please, if you are not willing to wait for a mold, or if your need is urgent, email and ask if it is in stock before ordering.