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International Customers


The following policies will be followed when shipping to any location outside the United States. Please do not put either us or youself in an uncomfortable situation by asking us to deviate from these rules.

Regarding Declaration of Value and Duties:

1. Your invoice/receipt will be enclosed in your package. If it is omitted, the box may be returned to us. We then have to pay the costs of shipping your merchandise a second time. We can not afford to absorb the cost of mailing your package a second time.

2. The full value of your purchase will be shown on the customs declaration. This will be the actual amount paid for the goods that you purchase. Depending on where you live, you may be required to go to your local customs office to pick up your package and pay any duties that have been assigned to your package.

3. Your country may charge you import and or duty taxes or a customs handling fee. We have no control over whether you are charged, or the amount that you are charged. Each country has it's own rules and taxing authority.

4. Your package will NOT be marked as a gift unless it is something we are sending you as a replacement for merchandise that was damaged or lost in shipping.

While we understand that duties can greatly increase the costs of our products in some areas, we feel that following the laws and rules of both our country and yours are in the best interest of both our customers and ourselves. The amount you may pay in duties is far less that some of the penalties that can be levied if these rules are not adhered to. Thank you for not asking us to break these rules.

Regarding Insurance Coverage for your Package:

We insure on all overseas shipments. Only packages which are insured provide any method of tracking should they be lost in transit. Insured shipments that are lost or damaged in transit will be replaced at no charge to you provided you inform us immediately of the loss, and assist as necessary with the insurance claim procedures.