"LIttle Star" Miniature Putz House Kit

  • Model: LB-481


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Introducing our little Putz House kits. These are lots of fun to do and very easy. There is NO painting needed. We have precision laser cut and prescored all pieces from colored cardstock. Those tiny window mullions are already the right color!!! Just glue the pieces together. Please note that these are NOT the buildings included in my Christmas Village hutch. Those pieces were much more complex, and made of wood. These are reproductions of quaint, simple cardboard village pieces popular around WWII

You can use glue or commercial "snow" or texture paint to cover the base, and then cover with fine glitter. The houses are also covered with glitter, just like the original vintage pieces, hence the nick name "glitter houses".

Kit includes laser cut cardstock parts for house and fencing, illustration board base, materials for tree, fine glitter.
You will provide snow of your choice, glue, scissors.

There are currently 8 buildings in our series of Putz houses. You can make them as individual stand alone pieces, place them around the base of your Christmas tree, or make a village scene by combining all pieces on a single base.
Houses can also be lit, either as a group or individually. See our lighting section below for tiny led lighting.
Base measures 1 1/8" x 1 1/8" square.