Easter Tree

  • Model: E3d-40


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Remember those great ceramic Christmas trees from the late 70s?  I sure do!  I made one that was nearly 30" tall, weighed a literal ton, and had 76 or so tiny colored bulbs.  It sat on a base that had a lightbulb in it, which made all those bulbs glow wonderfully.  It sat in my grandparent's living room, for years after they reached an age when putting up a "real" tree was just not feasible.

I just love it when things come back around to be enjoyed again.  These little trees are everywhere... and now, they are not just for Christmas, but for lots of other holidays too.  Inspired by all this nostalgia, I decided to try and recreate that magic in scale for our dollhouses.  And here are the results.

The little 3D resin printed tree stands and base are 2" tall.  There are 24 tiny clear bulbs to fit into the precut holes.  And a tiny egg shaped topper crowns the tree.

To finish, you will paint the body of the tree as simply or as elaborately as desired using acrylic paints.  We added some white edging to ours, and then a dusting of fine white glitter over the white paint, but how you paint your tree is entirely up to you. 

The tiny bulbs are clear, and are easily painted using permanent markers.  We use the new Bic intensity marker set that I just love.  These pens stick to resin wonderfully, and the set has a ton of colors, including the perfect pastels for this project.  I also use them for wine bottles, potions bottles, perfumes, etc.  Picture is shown below.

Here is a link to purchase a set on Amazon.    TO PURCHASE MARKERS
The base is a separate piece that has been designed to accommodate the super bright led chip that illuminates the bulbs. 

The lighting kit is optional, (although I can't imagine doing this project without the lights!)   It includes the LED chip, coin cell battery holder with on/off switch, coin cell battery and shrink tubing. Please use the menu at the top of this listing to add the lighting kit to your order.

I also designed a round version of our new putz house table after seeing how darling this little piece looked sitting on it.  It is available HERE.

To complete this project, you will need your choice of acrylic paints, gloss sealer, and glue.  If using the lighting kit, you will also need a heat source such as a blow-dryer to use with the shrink tubing.

Stay tuned for further versions of this lovely little tree. . . it has many personalities waiting to add to any holiday scene!