New Raven on Skull for you to Paint

  • Model: 3d-hal22


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Sooo spooky!  Our resin 3D figure of the raven on a skull is easy to finish...just use antiquing medium or gel stain on the skull, and acrylic paint on the raven.

Best of all, the skull has been hollowed out so you can insert an led chip (available as an extra option for this item).  Or you can take it a step further and add a "Breather" circuit to your led ship, creating a glow that brightens and dims over a 3 second cycle.

Note that chip and circuit will be provided as separate pieces so that you can adapt the wiring to your needs.  (For instance, if placing this piece on a table top and running the wiring down thru the table top, the chip wire needs to go thru the table BEFORE the circuit is added.)

IMPORTANT!! THE CHIPS AND CIRCUITS ARE FOR USE WITH 3 VOLT (COINCELL BATTERY) POWER SOURCES ONLY.  THEY CAN NOT BE CONNECTED TO 9 VOLT OR DC POWER SUPPLIES!!  The Coincell battery holder with built in on/off switch is available HERE.  Please read description carefully, you can attach up to 10 different led chip items to one switch.  A separate power source is not needed for each item, so order as needed for your project.