Magical Crystal Ball

  • Model: 3d-hal20


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1/12 scale crystal ball.  Base is a wonderfully detailed 3D print that can be painted in the color of your choice.

This piece can be ordered as a stand alone piece with no lighting effects, with a steady glowing warm white or green led chip, or a green or warm white chip that includes a "breather" circuit which makes the light increase and decrease in intensity. 

If you choose the breathing effect, the chip and circuit will come separately so that you can wire them according to your project needs. (for instance, if you want to thread the wire thru a table top, you will need to thread the wire from the chip first then attach the circuit before attaching to your power source.)

IMPORTANT!! THE CHIPS AND CIRCUITS ARE FOR USE WITH 3 VOLT (COINCELL BATTERY) POWER SOURCES ONLY.  THEY CAN NOT BE CONNECTED TO 9 VOLT OR DC POWER SUPPLIES!!  The Coincell battery holder with built in on/off switch is available HERE.  Please read description carefully, you can attach up to 10 different led chip items to one switch.  A separate power source is not needed for each item, so order as needed for your project.

If you want to see a video of the breathing effect in action, CLICK HERE.