Our Thanksgiving Interchangable Holiday Shelf Class/Kit

  • Model: oc-TGHS


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Welcome to the first in a series of innovative projects to celebrate the Holidays all year long. 

I designed this project to allow you to include a special holiday decoration in your dollhouse, or to create a small seasonal vignette that could be easily changed to reflect the current Holiday celebration.

To do this, I have designed a wall mounted shelf unit that allows for the shelf and contents to be removed from the base and quickly and easily changed to an alternate filled shelf.  Only the supporting bracket system is mounted to the wall.  The shelf is easily removed and replaced. It locks into the mounting unit to stay securely until you wish to change it again.

Our first offering is for Thanksgiving.  It includes several beautiful 3D resin models, which have been created on our brand new, state of the art resin 3d printer.  You will not find higher quality prints anywhere.  We were amazed at the quality and detail that this printer makes and how it enhances our projects.  You will be too!

We have a beautiful pilgrim man and woman in the center of the display, placed on a laser cut doily.  To the right is a splendily gorgeous Thanksgiving turkey who sits on a beautiful base of fruit and pumpkin.  To the right sits a darling pumpkin shaped teapot, with trailing stems and leaves on the sides and a cute stem handle.

A resin plate with water slide decal features a traditional Thanksgiving image, and a framed vintage Thanksgiving card by Ellen Clapsaddle is displayed at the back right.  Finally, filling in the last little spaces are a tiny pumpkin and lovely autumn bird.

The shelf measures 1" deep and 3.75" wide.

For illustration purposes, we are showing how easy it would be to create a little vignette to decorate your home.  We used a neutral colored wing chair and a small end table. Look how sweet this simple project looks.  Change the pillow, add a different accessory and add your Holiday Shelf. This wonderful little display that can be modified for any holiday.  Please note that this class/kit is for the shelf and accessories only.  The chair and table are for display purposes only.

We will be offering additional shelf kits for Christmas, New Year's, Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, Easter, Mother's Day, Fourth of July, and Halloween.  Start your collection today!

All instructions will be provided in a complete online tutorial.  Students will supply paints, stains, and glue.  Basic tools are needed.  Kits will ship Nov. 21.

Email with any questions!