Our Valentine's Day Interchangable Holiday Shelf Class/Kit

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Welcome to the third in our series of innovative projects to celebrate the Holidays all year long. 

Love is in the air, and this month, YOU get to help design your own Valentine Shelf.

I love Valentine's day!!  And I found so many wonderful items and images when developing this kit that I simply could not choose!  So you get to make choices to make your shelf your own!  To begin, you will choose from two different cherub figures.  Refer to the photos below, and use the pull down menu to indicate your choice when ordering.

I have included 5 different images to fit the frame, so you can choose the one you like the best.  There are also four different little standees that you can choose from for the shelf, and use the rest for other projects.

There is a beautiful cherub topped teapot for you to paint.  It is an easy piece to paint, and I will give you full instructions on painting that will result in a glazed porcelain effect.  A beautiful box of chocolates is embellished with a lovely lace doily and Victorian scrap roses.

There is a darling 3D antique Valentine of children in a rose colored car, and two other tiny "pop-up" valentine cards.  And the pieces are all arranged over a delicate laser cut "crochet" doily.

I designed this project to allow you to include a special holiday decoration in your dollhouse, or to create a small seasonal vignette that could be easily changed to reflect the current Holiday celebration.

To do this, I have designed a wall mounted shelf unit that allows for the shelf and contents to be removed from the base and quickly and easily changed to an alternate filled shelf.  Only the supporting bracket system is mounted to the wall.  The shelf is easily removed and replaced. It locks into the mounting unit to stay securely until you wish to change it again.

The photo below this description is to give you an idea of how quickly you can add a couple of items to our shelf to create a darling holiday vignette.  Chair and accessories are NOT included in the shelf kit, and are for illustrative purposes only.  However, that darling Valentine's Putz House is available for purchase HERE.

Full instructions for assembly and great techniques to paint your 3d figures are included in our online tutorial

The shelf measures 1" deep and 3.75" wide.

Please view additional photos and email if you have any questions!  Thanks!

All instructions will be provided in a complete online tutorial.  Students will supply paints, stains, and glue.  Basic tools are needed.  Kits will ship Feb. 8

Email with any questions!  And if you missed our earlier kits, don't despair.  Email me and ask to be added to the list for an upcoming batch of both the Thanksgiving and Christmas Kits!