"Stained Glass" Quarter Scale Bliss House Class/Kit

  • Model: OC-2BH


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As promised, here is the second in my series of 12 quarter scale buildings This one I am calling the "Stained Glass House". This house has darling artwork, as do all of the bliss houses. Of special note is the beautiful red rose stained glass window in the second story door. The side windows also feature stained glass designs. The house is made in wood, with artwork applied. Our artwork is professionally printed using 200 year archival paper and inks. All of the artwork is authentically re-created using original Bliss buildings for reference. The front of the house is hinged, opening to two rooms. The lower floor is the parlour, with bedroom above. Our house is lighted with LED lights in each room. It is self contained, with batter and on/off switch located under the house base. No additional power source is needed so you can display this anywhere. The house stands 7 1/2" tall to the roof peak. (not measuring the chimney). The window openings have transparent panes very similar to the antique glasine windows. Included are kits for all of the furnishings, which are also faithfully reproduced from original bliss pieces. The parlour set features illustrations of children in various styles of hats, and is simply darling. The three legged chairs are just as quirky as can be. The settee is gorgeous, and every bit as cute in this size as my larger original. The bedroom another recreated antique set of Bliss furniture. The bed is beautifully illustrated. Matching dresser is unique with an illustration of a child in place of the mirror. Rocking chair, side table and lamp are included. All frames and artwork and rugs are also included. All you need to add are your own tiny accessories. Students will provide a minimum of materials, including acrylic paint, Xacto knife, ruler, glue, scissors, acrylic sealer, Yes or Grandmother Stovers glue and tacky glue. An extensive tutorial will be provided online, and may be downloaded via the provided pdf file. Email if you have any questions. See below for more photos.