1/4 Scale Pastry Shoppe Online Class and Kit

  • Model: OC-pat


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Here is the newest offering in our series of 1/4 scale shoppes. I think you will agree with me, that this one is really something special.
I don't "do" food, and I sure don't "do" 1/4 scale food, but really wanted to do this project. So I contacted my friend the incredibly talented Janet Smith of Desert Minis, and we have partnered on this project to bring you what I think is a simply amazing piece.
The pastry shop measures 5" wide by 4" deep not counting the base. The front is hinged, so the entire piece is totally enclosed. It is lit with two led lights in the ceiling and another two in the back set in cake display wall. The piece is self contained, running off a coin cell battery with on/off switch cleverly hidden in the top of the building for easy access.

The building includes large front windows, a lovely gold lettered sign, and cobblestone base.

Inside, there is a pastry counter filled with Janet's fabulous pastries. An mirrored shelving area is inset into the back wall and holds fabulous cakes and other goodies. Lovely filligree plate railing tops the back and creates shelving on the side walls. The flooring is a great new product we have discovered that looks amazing realistic and is easy to install with peel and stick squares.

All materials including lighting are included for the building. Students will need to furnish paints, glues, and basic tools.

Janet has designed a pastry kit for you so that you can fill up your bakery with a variety of small cakes and pastries, large cakes, pies, tiered cakes with frosting flowers and more. You'll be working with both polymer clay and air dry clay. The instructions will show you how to easily make all your little pastries the same size, and how to decorate them using a variety of fabric paints and gallery glass. The tiered cake blanks are pre-made for you. Just a little sanding and you're ready to frost and decorate them. Pie tins are provided and you'll be surprised at easy it is to make these little pies. All clay, pastel chalk and paints, as well as the tools to help make everything easier are provided for you.

This is like getting TWO great classes in one. Make a gorgeous building and furnishings and then learn food making techniques from the very best!!! Janet Smith is by far the most accomplished small scale food artist in the industry and I am delighted to have the opportunity to work with her on this wonderful project. All of the materials will be for both building and food will be shipped together and are both included in the cost of the class. Janets instructions will be included as a part of the online tutorial that I always provide with my classes, and she will provide lots of great photos and instructions, making the impossible seem easy!!!

Quantities for this class will be limited. We are scheduling shipment of this kit on or about March 5. Space is available on a first come first served basis. Because this is a partnership project if you order by credit card, your card will be charged at the time your order is placed rather than on the ship date. If you have any questions or need further information, drop me an email!

And be sure to check out the additional photos below!!