"Put a Cork In It!" Online Class in 1/4" Scale

  • Model: oc-pac

Sold Out

This Class Is SOLD OUT.  THank you for your interest.

THe second piece in our series of 1/4" scale roomboxes is this wonderful, intimate little wine cellar.  THe combination of stonework, wrought iron and rich woods have combined to create a warm cozy atmosphere.  We have used our new 3D printer to create a darling bistro set that combines the look of wrought iron and wood.  This sits in front of a stone back wall which as an elegant wrought iron entrance with lighted hallway beyond. 

To the left is a magnificient wine cabinet made of cherry wood.  Look closely and you will see the little stemmed wine glasses hanging in some areas, and of course bottles of red and white wine in many of the slots.  We have 3D printed the glasses and bottles.  Your kit will include 48 wine bottles, and a dozen little stemmed wine glasses for you to decorate and display throught the scene as you desire.  There are lights in the ceiling, and a wrought iron look, 3D printed "candelier" hanging from the ceiling. 

The right hand wall has three inset wine casks, as well as wine barrells and crates on the floor.  Certainly no one will go thirsty in this little hide away.  See below for additional photos.

The lights are powered by a coin cell battery hidden below the floor.  The room is framed and frame has a plexiglas insert to keep out the dust.  All materials are included.  Students will provide general tools and supplies such as paints, glues and finishes.  Anticipated ship date for this kit is approx. November 5.