The Witch's Cottage - 1/4 Scale Online Class and Kit

  • Model: OC-TWC

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9/25 update... ONLY 1 Kit Left!!!

Halloween is just around the corner!  And we have a simply delightful project to add to your Halloween festivities!

Our new online project, called "The Witch's Cottage" is a darling 1/4 scale (1:48) scene of a charming little stone cottage, hidden deep in the forest.  Our cottage is inhabited by a lovely little witch who loves nature, animals and of course, casting spells and making potions... but only helpful ones of course!

Created in a wooden box, our little scene measures 4" wide, 3" deep and 3" tall, not including the frame.  The interior walls are all finished in faux stonework.  Rugged beams support the ceiling and an amazing heavy plank door and leaded window are across the back wall. 

The lighting and special effects in this tiny scene are just amazing.  And I want to thank our very good friends Shelly and Dave at Evan Designs for working so hard with me to pack so much magic in such a small space.  They custom created many of the wiring elements used just for us, so that even a beginner can accomplish this amazing little project!  The beautiful stone fireplace has a wonderful flickering and glowing fire to keep our little witch warm.  A spooky candle on the mantle flickers gently, illuminating her pet raven, who is perched right beside.  On her rugged work table, a skull which sits on a pile of old books glows spookily... while front and center, a fabulous crystal ball glows and "breathes" eerily!  Soft evening light pours thru the window, creating a warm and cozy ambiance.

If you would like to see a very short video of the project and how great the effects are... use this link:  To Witch Cottage

The wonderful plank table is engraved around the edges with symbols.  I know some of you, including myself, would not be comfortable using real witchcraft symbols in a project.  The symbols around the apron of the table and engraved into the frame are called Moon Glyphs, a modern creation of symbols that represent elements like the phases of the moon, earth, fire, water, strength, peace, etc.  Charming, and fun!  The table contains lots of goodies, and the kit has plenty of items you will use to accessorize the scene to your liking.  There is a mortar and pestle, several potion bottles, scrolls, and even a pet toad!  Laying peacefully beneath the table is the resident kitty... black of course!

A fabulous wooden hutch fills the wall.  The cabriole legs, and engraved decorations on the hutch make it extra special, and it is fully loaded with books, tiny potion bottles, skulls, spell recipes, etc. 

The wiring is all hidden beneath the base of the box, and the on/off switches extend out the back wall for easy access.  The frame with it's Plexiglas insert keeps your little scene free from dust, but is easy to lift off when you want to add to your scene or give a friend a close up look.

As always, an extensive online tutorial will be provided for you, including both written and photographic instructions for each and every step. You can work online, or save the tutorial to your computer using the handy PDF version that is included in the tutorial.

All items shown in the photos are included in the kit.  Students will need to provide basic tools, a good variety of acrylic paints, and brushes.  A complete supply list is always included at the beginning of the tutorial.

Space in this class will be limited.  All kits are available on a first come first served basis, so if interested, please don't delay!

Be sure to look below at the additional photos and email if you have any questions!  The anticipated ship date for this project is October 12.