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Note:  I have recently been informed that the use of the term "gypsy" is racist, so I have edited this listing, and now refer to the project as a Romani Caravan, indicating the group of people who originated these wonderful vehicles.  My use of the word Gypsy in the original listing was not used to imply any negative connotation, quite the contrary.  This project was developed from a true love and admiration for the amazing creativity, craftsmanship and artistry of these individuals, which is displayed in every aspect of these fabulous mobile dwellings.

I have wanted to make a Romani Caravan Wagon for many years.  But I was inhibited by the size of a 1/12 scale wagon, and did not feel that I could include the many details that I wanted in a 1/4 scale project.  For this reason, this is our very first 1/2 scale project. By using this scale, I was able to include the multi layered exterior details such as the trim, slatted shutters, etc. and the wonderful interior details such as my special stove and lamp.  The overall size of the wagon is 5.5" tall, 4" wide and 7" long without the removable stairs, or 9 .5" long with the stairs in place.

Our wagon has a removable roof allowing you to view the interior.  The roof construction allows the roof to securely "lock" into place.

Exterior details include the wonderfully detailed layered trim, which we have made in layers for easy painting, application and visual depth.  The little windows are engraved with a diamond pattern, and the shutters have individually placed slats.  We have worked very hard to make this as detailed as possible but still keep this a project that is fun and easily do-able.  And as always our in depth online tutorial will take you thru each and every step with both photos and written instructions.

The interior of the wagon is simply gorgeous.  My very favorite element is the beautiful stove.  This is a VERY faithful reproduction of the original "Queenie" stoves that were found in many original wagons.  After months of collecting photos from various locations of the original stove, I found a fabulous artist in the Ukraine who was able to model this piece for me with simply incredible detailing.  Not a single element was left out, and I was simply ecstatic to see such a wonderful item so wonderfully reproduced.  We print the stove out in very high resolution on our state of the art 3D printer, so that all of those details, including openwork iron burner cover are preserved.

A second wonderful detail is the wonderful wall lamp.  Again, created exclusively for us for printing in 3D, this darling lamp is an exact replica of the lamps used in many original wagons, and features a beautiful little horn blowing cherub seated on scrolls and swirls.  The unit holds a clear "glass" lamp that you can stain as desired.  We followed the original photos and colored ours to resemble cranberry glass.

Furnishings include a wonderful lofted bed, partially hidden behind an elegant divider wall embellished with beautiful fretwork accents.  There is a curved front, marble top dresser, a storage cabinet, a tall china cabinet, a locker bench, which was used for storage and seating and a second bench seat with upholstered back.

All of the items you see in the photos are included in the kit.  All materials are included.  You will need to supply glues, paints and stains, and general tools.

Please refer to the extensive photos below to enjoy all of the details.  If you have any questions, drop me an email.  Anticipated delivery time for this kit is December 5 or sooner.  (We are allowing ourselves a bit of extra time in case we encounter delays in delivery of some supplies, which sadly is common with the current covid situation).  If you have not taken one of our online classes and need more information about how they work, please refer to this page for answers to general questions:

Link to Online Classes FAQ Page