New French Country Baby House Class and Kit

  • Model: OC - BHF2

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Everyone LOVED doing the last baby house, so I thought I would design an entirely new set and offer another!
We are again using the Vanderveet baby house. It is my favorite so far for many reasons. I'm having them custom finished in a plain white especially for this class,so that we can do the fabulous door treatment. You can choose any accent color you like for the door insets. I used rose, and when you look at the interior rooms, you'll know why!
The Dutch Baby house cabinet is a 1/12 scale piece. The outside dimensions are 8" tall by 5" wide at the widest point. Each of the 6 rooms measures 1 3/4" across and 1 1/4" deep. The furniture pieces I have designed were made to look appropriately scaled to the rooms. I designed first, measured last. The scale that I ended up using was 1/89, which I feel gave a nice balanced look to each setting, and allowed me to include considerably more detailing that the 144th scale is capable of delivering.
I have designed 6 completely new rooms for this house, as well as two items for hallways. Also new are original wall coverings, and floor coverings. We will use cast resin pieces for our bathroom. The rooms include a lovely kitchen, darling dining room. a living room with plump sofa and wing chair that look just like upholstered pieces, a lovely bedroom, gorgeous guest room and believe it or not a music room complete with grand piano and harp.
Your kti will include the baby house, laser cut silhouettes for the doors, laser kits for ALL furniture pieces shown, all wall coverings, floor coverings, rugs and accessories. I'm also including a good pair of tweezers, cause you will definitely need them!!! An exhaustive tutorial will include photos and written instruction for each and every step. Students will need to provide basic tools, paints and glues.
Class size will be limited, and all spaces are on a first come first served basis. If you need more information drop me an email and be sure to see all of the photos below!