Le Petite Chateau - 144th Scale Online Class and Kit

  • Model: OC-LPC

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Once I got started on this tiny little creation, I just could not stop.  Alot like potato chips, or chocolate chip cookies, it just seemed that "more was better"!  And I am so very excited about the end results!

This little gem includes more original 3D pieces than any previous project I have offered.  Rather than using readily available plastic windows, doors, etc, all of the beautiful windows, doors, balcony, even those gorgeous fences are all designed, and 3D printed in my studio!!  (which is why it took me so long to finish this design!!!)  You will NEVER find a project with these details anywhere else!  Additionally, the beautiful interior details such as the amazing grand piano, settee and chair, fireplaces and that incredible little chandelier are also my own 3D printed designs. And wait till you see the tiny faux parquet flooring!  The beautiful poster bed is a copy of a real bed that resides in one of France's most famous Chateaus.  Wall and beautiful printed ceiling papers, rugs, paintings etc. are all wonderfully coordinated. 

The house is lit with led lighting, including the enclosed attic.  I wish I could have gotten a good picture of the lights shining thru the little round attic window!  Its just adorable!  The lights are powered by a coin cell battery hidden inside the little table.  The wood display table has 3D printed cabriole legs, as I could not find any ready made legs that were tall enough, or had the pretty details I wanted.

A complete online tutorial will be provided.   Approximate ship date is August 10.  As with all of my online classes, all materials that you see in the photo are included in the kit.  You will need to provide basic tools, paints, glues, stain and colored pencils.

House alone measures 3 1/2" from base to roof top (excluding chimneys)                                                                 House on table measures 6 1/2" including chimneys

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