French Country Kitchen Kit

  • Model: QS1095


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Originally designed for one of my online classes, this beautiful set has become a favorite among collectors.  It features a combination of wood and high quality 3d resin printed pieces for a set that has details that are beyond compare.  The plank table has a real cherry wood top, but the wonderful legs and windsor back chairs are 3D printed providing delicate detailing rarely seen in 1/4 scale.  The hutch is wide and open, with shelved displaying faux "china".  The little sink cabinet is fabric skirted, and just adorable.  You will not believe the 3d printed faucet that comes with this kit.  Just don't drop it in the carpet... you'll never find it, its so very tiny.

And finally, the wood stove is simply gorgeous.  And it will look even better when you paint it and  accessorize it with pots and pans from our accessories section.  Kit includes materials for all parts shown in the photo.  YOu will need basic tools, stains, paints, brushes and glues to complete.