1/4 scale Bliss "Elegant Surburban" - 4th in series

  • Model: OC-4bha


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According to original Bliss Company catalogs, this lovely dwelling was called the "Elegant Suburban House".

If I could live in a bliss dollhouse, I think this would be the one I would choose!! The artwork is delightful. and the colors are yummy, peaches and teal combine to make just a sweetheart of a house. There are covered porches on three sides, with lots of quirky angled roofs. The second story has a unique bump out and darling balcony railing. The interior is two rooms, and the front side swings open for access.

Previous Bliss projects have featured reproductions of authentic Bliss furniture with darling artwork. However, I have run out of designs to use and didn't want to repeat a previous style. I did some looking and thinking and discovered that fretworking was a very popular hobby/pastime during the Bliss period. Many fathers would have made darling delicate fretwork dollhouse furnishings for their children. The furniture in this kit is all beautifully laser cut from gorgeous Cherry hardwood. The elegant fretwork fits perfectly with the upscale feel of this particular house, which was considered on of the "high end" models in the Bliss line.

The Elegant Suburban measures 7 1/2" to the roof peak. It is lit with battery operated LED lights on each floor, and has an on/off switch hidden in the base. Students will provide simple and common tools, paints and glue.

An extensive online tutorial will be provided with color photos and written instructions for each and every step of this project. The tutorial can be used online or downloaded and printed from the provided pdf file.

Approximate ship date for this kit is Sept 1.