The Tick Tock Clock Shoppe in Quarter Scale

  • Model: OC-TTCS2

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This quarter scale offering is simply amazing. It's our response to the comment that quarter scale is not "detailed". We disagree!!! This darling little shop stands just under 4" in height. It has hand laid wooden floors and a drop ceiling with recessed lighting. The lights are battery operated, and the battery and on off switch are conveniently located in the "attic" of the building. Look thru the front windows above the charming flower boxes, and see an amazing little shop. A total of 29 individual clocks fill the walls and counters. Each is very detailed, and many feature the most delicate of laser cutting and engraving. A desk and chair are included too. See additional photos below for more details. Kit includes all materials for building, lighting, furniture and of course clocks. Remember our motto:  "If it's in the photo, its in the kit!" 
 Students will provide basic tools, glue and paints.An extensive online tutorial will be provided with photo and text instructions for each and every step of the project. No online chat session will be offered, but support is available at all times via email. This project will be limited in size, and is offered on a first come, first served basis. The kits will be shipped on August 15th, and can be shipped together with the 1/4 scale fabric shop if desired to save on postage. Please note, if paying by credit card, you will be charged when the kits are ready to ship. If you use paypal, your payment is immediate. This is paypal, not us. If you choose to send a check or money order, it must be received within ten days of your registration, or your order will be cancelled for non payment. All kits are sent via priority mail.