1/4 Scale Jewelry Shop Online Project

  • Model: OC-qsjs


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We try to bring something new to each and every project we develop, and this time, we held nothing back.  From REAL cabriole legs to fabulous exterior moldings and carvings, engraved and gold leafted windows,  lighted niches and even a "crystal" chandelier, this little gem has it all!

The Jewelry shop is designed like all of the shops in our 1/4 scale series.  It is lit, and self contained, operating on a changable battery with on/off switch, which is cleverly hidden just under the removable roof.  The entire front of the building is hinged, so that it opens completely up, allowing you to view your treasures and keep the dust bunnies OUT!!

The details on the exterior of the building are simply fabulous, and a faithful replica of an old building in London.  THe unique raised carved elements highlighted with gold leaf are simply gorgeous.  The windows are delicately etched and filled with a rich gold too.

The photos do not do the color of the building justice.  It is not black, but a gorgeous VERY deep plum color called Aubergene, which is a perfect color for an antique replica.  I can't begin to tell you how wonderfully rich it is, especially with the gold accents.  And it inspired the lovely soft grey-lavender interior.

Three lovely display niches are inset in the back wall, and each is lighted.  There is a long display counter filled with assorted jewelry.  The niche and the two windows each contain beautiful display mannequins with tiny jeweled creations.  The gold leaf chairs have silk padded seats and real wood cabriole legs.  And we have created our first 1/4 scale chandelier.  Easy to assemble, the precision laser cut chandelier simply twinkles with the light that comes from the two recessed led lights set in the ceiling on either side. 

As with all of our kits, "If it's in the photo, its in the kit".  We don't offer an empty building for a "bargain" price, and then require you to purchase the contents separately.  (for a much higher grand total...).  Students will receive all parts for the building, windows, floors, wallpaper, lighting kit, furniture pieces, jewelry display pieces and beads and notions to complete the jewelry display.  Students will need to supply paints, glues, and general small tools such as scissors and tweezers.

Instructions are provided in a comprehensive online tutorial that gives you not only written instructions for each and every step, but a photo to match.  Did you know that we have some students who complete our projects who do not speak English  They find that they are able to participate simply by following the photos!!

If it sounds like we are proud of this project... well, WE ARE!!  It was a true labor of love, and we are happier with the end result than we ever thought we would be.  Be sure to check out the additional photos below.  And don't wait to register.   A limited number of kits will be produced for this class, and by now, you all know how much I avoid having to repeat a project!!! 

This kit is scheduled to ship on or about May 1.  Please make a note of the date.  We need time to take registrations, order supplies, and then produce the kits.  The online tutorial will be available when the kit ships and will remain online indefinitely, so you are free to take your time in completing the project.