1/4 Scale Flower Shop Online Project

  • Model: OC-qsfs

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The Flower shop is designed like all of the shops in our 1/4 scale series.  It is lit, and self contained, operating on a changable battery with on/off switch, which is cleverly hidden just under the removable roof.  The entire front of the building is hinged, so that it opens completely up, allowing you to view your treasures and keep the dust bunnies OUT!!The exterior measurements of the shop are 4 3/8" wide, 3 1/4" deep and 3 3/4" tall not including the stone base.

The details on the exterior of the building are super cute.  On the first version, A little striped fabric awnining shades etched windows and doors.  Raised leaf motifs trail up the architectural detalis on the building face, and whimsical raised letters make a cheerful sign.  The block sidewalk is lined with French tin cannisters filled with long and lovely stems of flowers.

If you are not a fan of the bright exterior colors, no worries. You can choose your own color pallette.  The awning fabric provided is a plain white and I will teach you how to paint the stripes using your building colors,so that you have a perfect match. 

The for the second version, in the darker Heriloom Colors, I found a small scrap of appropriate fabric and choose paint colors to match the fabric. In either sample, and with EVERY kit,   the colors shown are JUST a suggestion, you can use any color combination you want.

Open the front, and find a darling little shop with lattice trimmed counter, wonderful bakers rack, two matching corner racks, A supply shelf/ribbon rack, and  wall shelf all filled to the brim with flowers. Once we got started on the flowers,we didn't know when to stop....

Here is what is included for your flower making endeavors:1 doz red tulips, 1 doz pink tulips, 1 doz daffodils, 1 doz jonquil, 2 dozen roses, 1 doz blue iris, 1 doz heirloom iris, 1 doz sunflowers, 1 doz daisies, 3 different varieties of hosta plants, three different coleus plants, 1 boston fern, 3 tiny african violet plants, 3 tiny pansy plants. All of these are paper flowers.  Additionally there will be supplies to make a dozen stems of delphinium and a dozen stems of lilac using landscaping foam.  The flowers have been designed to be as easy to assemble as possible, and most include pre laser cut or punched leaves and petals.  Only the hosta and coleus will need to be scissor cut.

While 1/4 scale flowers might seem intimidating, we have made the different processes as easy as possible.  Larrell made up all of the arrangements for me, and says to tell you that if he can do it with his four thumbs, he KNOWS you can do it!!

As with all of our kits, "If it's in the photo, its in the kit".   Students will receive all parts for the building, windows, floors, wallpaper, lighting kit, furniture pieces, flower kits and containers as described above. Students will need to supply paints, glues, and general small tools such as scissors and tweezers. A small ball stylus and mousepad will also be needed for flower making.  You will receive 18 assorted terra cotta colored plastic flower pots, an assortment of beads and findings that have been specially chosen for use as vases, and 12 of our 3D printed "tin" containers.  Additionally we will be including a selection of 3D printed vases as shown on the back shelf for use in your displays.  And you will receive our new 3D printed cash register which is just darling!!! The list above includes all items shown in the flowers and lots of left overs that I just couldn't fit into the building!! 

Instructions are provided in a comprehensive online tutorial that gives you not only written instructions for each and every step, but a photo to match.  Did you know that we have some students who complete our projects who do not speak English  They find that they are able to participate simply by following the photos!!