Sugar and Spice 144th Scale Gothic Victorian

  • Model: OC-SAS

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Our online project is this darling Gothic Victorian Dollhouse in 144th Scale.  We call her "Sugar and Spice".  The two story with attic house stands 3 1/2" tall and is elaborately trimmed with lots of delicate gingerbread around the porches, under the eaves, etc.  There is a pretty bay in the front, shutters on the window and window boxes below.  The highlight of the house is the two story wrap around porch.  The bottom two floors of the house are lit with tiny LED lights.

The house stands on it's own table, which has been designed to hide the on/off switch and battery for the lighting. The table and house combined  measure a dainty 5" tall.  Whether you use it as a dollhouse for your 1/12 dollhouse, or as a stand alone project, this is one sweet little project.

We are pleased to introduce our first 144th scale 3D printed items.  The three bathroom pieces as well as the sofa and chair in the living room have been designed and printed by us and require virtually NO cleanup.  The details are incredibly sharp and clear.  Just a coat of paint aand these pieces are ready to go!!  In addition the kit includes all other furniture pieces, wallpaper, rugs, artwork, lighting, and landscaping materials.  Remember our motto..."If it's in the photo, it's in the kit!" The first floor incorporates the kitchen appliances, dining room set and living room, the second floor is a lovely bedroom.  Up in the attic you have a great little bathroom and a small room that you can do as you please with.  Maybe fill it with small boxes for attic storage

Students will supply basic tools, glues and paints.  If you have any questions, drop me an email.

Shipment of these kits is scheduled for June 30, 2018