Miss Lydia's Tea Room - Class and Kit

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1/12 Scale Miss Lydia's Tea Room
Complete Roombox Kit and Class
Includes 10 pieces of Bespaq furniture, Custom Lighting, Hardwood Inlaid Flooring, Beamed Ceiling, Fretwork Frontspiece

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Our first online roombox class went so well we just had to do another one. Especially when I discovered a wonderful, and seldom seen set of tea room furniture by Bespaq. The furniture, titled Miss Lydia's Tea Room was the inspiration for this new project. I fell in love with all of the wonderful pieces, and the fabulous details. Mr. Pit Ginsburg has been instrumental in helping this project come to completion. The beautiful furniture pieces will be made on order for us, including the beautiful chairs, covered in an exquisite seafoam green fabric that is exclusive to this class!!!

Many of you depend on online classes and internet shopping because you do not have access to stores and classes in your area. Supplies are not readily available to many of you. Students who took our first online roombox class "Le Petit Bijou" were thrilled with the quailty of the materials, the completeness of the kit, and the wonderful easy to follow instructions. Many had never attempted a roombox or scene before, and were totally amazed at the very high quality of their finished piece.
Here are the details of what is included in Miss Lydia's Tearoom.
Outer Box
The scene is set in 3/8" high grade plywood box that will be easy to assemble and lovely when stained and finished.
Inlaid Hardwood floor
The interior of the box features lots of wonderful details, beginning with the floor. We have designed an inlaid wood floor that you will find easy to assemble and finish, and gorgeous to behold. The laser cut border is easy to do, but very effective, using contrasting stain colors. The field planks in the floor are cherry hardwood. The results are a floor that is a piece of art all by itself.
Wallcoverings and Moldings. Windows
We have coordinated the chair upholstery to match perfectly with the wallpaper we will provide.   Or you may provide your own wallpaper. All wallpaper, moldings, casings, baseboard laser cut window mullions, fan windows, doors etc. are included.
Extensive Lighting
The back wall is in a bay shape featuring three tall windows with fanlights at the top.eatures a window which looks out onto a courtyard scene. The side wall features a doorway with engraved plexiglass windows and large engraved fanlight window above. The windows look out over a fabulous panorama of the Scottish countryside.
This box is entirely well lit. There are 8 recessed can lights in the ceiling. Additionally, four flourette bulbs are hidden behind the back wall to light the exterior scene from the outside in, so that the view out the window is streaming with sunlight. A center canopy is also provided for the addition of a chandelier.
If you have never done lighting, do not panic! All of the wiring, soldering, etc will be done for you. You will simply glue the pre-wired ceiling into place, drop the bulbs down into the holes for the side niches, and thread two wires on the back around screws for the transformer. All of the difficult steps have been completed for you.
The chandelier is not included in this class, as many of you may already have a fixture you want to use. However, a very similiar chandelier is available from Jason Getzan. Also, we will not be including the transformer with this class, as we found it difficult to accomodate all of the overseas students, some of whom needed transformers that are not available here. However, us students can purchas a transformer from us separately.
Yes, furniture! The retail value of the Bespaq pieces included in this kit is over 500.00. We designed this roombox specifically around the beautiful Bespaq fixtures you see in the photo. And the price of the class and kit includes NINE Bespaq pieces. Included are
4 of our EXCLUSIVELY upholstered chairs
2 Tea Tables
1 Fabulous Sideboard
1 Open Welsh Hutch
2 Individual Serving Cart The cutest darn thing ever!!!
In addition, you will receive laser cut kits to make my two original plant stands which have room for cups and teapot, and two of the beautiful fretwork wall hangings, again designed to hold a teapot and cup/saucer.
Ceiling and Frontispiece
The ceiling in this box is very highly detailed with a wonderful routed edge beamed ceiling. Across the top front of the box is a very intricate and elaborate piece comprised of laser cut fretwork and turned posts. The fretwork creates a wonderful, intricate and authentic "mat" for your finished scene.

The outer  box comes to you unassembled, but when complete, it will be ready to frame. We have modified our box design to include a raised base, to allow for easier framing. We have not included a frame with the kit, as we assume most student swill want to choose their own. However, we will give you instructions on how we took an inexpensive commercial frame, reconfigured it and mounted it to our box. My total cost was 36.00, much more reasonable than the 175.00 estimate from my local Michaels Framing department!

The supplies that students will need to provide as been kept to an absolute minimum. We have worked to provide as much as possible in your kit. We cannot, however, ship aerosol cans, or cans of paint or stain, so there will be a few supplies that you need to provide as well as the most basic of tools. For a list, of required materials, email me.
The outside dimensions of the box are 14" Deep, 19" Wide, 16 7/8"" High
The inside dimensions of the roombox are 11" deep, 16 1/2" Wide and 12 1/2" High
As always, an exhaustive online tutorial will be provided for each and every step of this project.
Please note that the china and food used in this display piece are not included in the kit. All food shown was created by Janet Uyetake, IGMA fellow. China at tables and on server is by Bespaq.  I have a limited quantity of these pieces available on my website.
This class will be limited in size to only 15 students. All spaces are offered on a first come first serve basis. Kits will begin shipping approx January 15, 2015..


Paypal financing is  available for this item, 6 months, no interest.  Details given during paypal check out.

I hope I have given you all the information you need, but if I have omitted anything, please drop me an email.