"Rooftop Studio" 1/4 Scale Online Class and Kit

  • Model: oc-rs

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Our newest online class is the first in a series of 1/4 scale roomboxes.  It is a fabulous little rooftop artist studio, and we have pulled out all the stops to make this our most realistic and highly detailed 1/4 scale kit yet. 

Let's start with the room itself, Check out the beautiful brick wall.  We will provide you with an amazing technique to make these amazing, realistic bricks.  No molded plastic here!  You will love this!  The center back wall features a wonderful large tilted window, which is frosted and illuminated from behind, for a fabulous effect in the room.  The third wall is a rough plaster/stucco effect.  In addition to the lighting behind the window, there are two hanging ceiling lights to add overall light to the room.  The result of the lighting is a really wonderful moody environment. 

To furnish our studio, we have a darling cherry easel, stool and rolling painters helper cart.  In addition there is a beautiful pedestal on top of which sits today's subject, a gorgeous bouquet of tiny daffodils. 

In one corner, is a darling little wooden sink unit with 3D printed basin.  In the other corner is a wooden storage rack for those much needed tools.  We decided to really go all out in the accessory department for this series.  Check out the little can of Bon Ami and bristle brush on the sink.  The storage rack contains turpentine, paint thinner, sketch pads, Gesso, spray sealer, paints, canvas, and a supply of frames. 

There is also a work table which contains a wonderful painter's box, filled with tiny metal paint tubes, and brushes.  This is NOT a paper illustration.  You will make these objects and fill the box.  In addition we have more art supplies, preliminary sketches for the daffodil painting, a jar of brushes, and yes, even a real roll of blue painters tape. 

The lighting is powered by two coincell batteries, cleverly hidden under the floor of the unit.  The on off button protrudes out the back wall.  And the front is enclosed with a wonderful frame and plexiglass.  This looks like a little painting when sitting on a shelf.  The box measures 4 1/2" wide by 3" deep.  The entire piece with the frame measures 5 1/4" wide, 4" tall and 3 1/4" deep.

This kit will ship at the end of June.  Registration is available on a first come first served basis, and class is limited in size due to the extensive preparation required to create this kit.  Please be sure to look thru the many photos below, and email if you have any questions!