My Very Favorite Scissors

  • Model: GEM4


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Some tools and supplies are things that I love using so much that I can't resist offering them to you too!
Gingher scissors are the finest quality scissors available anywhere. I have been using this brand for nearly 30 years, and have many pair that have been in use that long!!!
This particular pair is my favorite pair for miniature projects. The razor sharp blade, (which is sharp all the way to the VERY accurate point) is only 4" long. This makes it perfect for small work....
HOWEVER... unlike most 4" embroidery scissors, this pair has LARGE finger holes so that your hands will not get cramped or stuck in the handles when you are using them.
You have the smoothest cutting, most accurate scissors, in the perfect size for small projects, with a grip that is totally comfortable!!! And at a price below the suggested retail of $29.99. Treat yourself to a pair... You'll love them!