Let's Cast A Spell - 1/4 Scale Vignette

  • Model: hallo-winifred


Sold Out

Winifred Witch is proud to be the center piece in our darling 1/4 scale Halloween vignette.  She is amazing detailed, 3D printed, and ready to be painted.  She hold her raven in one hand, while pondering which spell to practice on him today!

Behind her is a wonderful wooden cabinet filled with all the tools a witch needs for a good spell. You will receive over 20 tiny 3d printed potion bottles in a variety of shapes and sizes.  They are clear and can easily be painted with colored markers.  Artwork for tiny labels is also included, in addition to a wonderful collection of musty old books on witchcraft.  (thanks to my friend Moonyeen for sharing her wonderful book covers for this project!).  There are a couple of potion recipies, scrolls, and two 3d printed skulls.  Laying on the spooky rug, is Winifred's pet cat, "Spooky" who is waiting to see if perhaps that pesky raven will be transformed into something delicious!

Materials and tools needed include a variety of acrylic paints and brushes, glue scissors, gel stain and good lighting, as the details on the witch are very good and you will want to see them well when painting them.