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Sorry, all kits are gone now, including the three extra in todays email newsletter.

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I bring you one last goodie to help "Make your Season Bright".  I have wanted to make this tree since I first designed my 3D printed ornaments. But I'm so glad I waited, because a special new offering from our friends at Evan's Design has added just the perfect touch.  In addition to beautiful pink poinsettias, pearl and glass bead garland, bows, crystal icicles and 40 3D printed ornaments, this beautiful 1/12th scale tree is also available with twinkling lights!!!  Twinkle lights have always been my favorites, and it was so wonderful to be able to incorporate them into this project.  Of course for those of you who prefer the non-twinkle lights, you have the option of having those instead.  Before you decide, check out this video of the twinkling lights:

For those of you who joined in the creation of my Christmas Display hutch about three years ago, this tree has been created as a companion piece for that display.  The same poinsettias and pretty pink colors are used in the tree as were featured throughout the cabinet. See the photo below to view how beautiful the two pieces look together. (Sorry, there are no kits left for the shelving display.)

  The tree kit contains all materials need to create the tree, lighting, skirt, and packages as shown.  Students will provide paints, glues, and basic tools. Students will assemble the tree, then decorate.  Instructions will be provided in an online tutorial with both written and photo instructions for each step of the project.  Kits are available on first come/first serve basis until sold out, or until December 7, when registration will close.  Anticipated ship date for the kits is December 10th.  If you have any other questions drop me an email.

Early Birds who register before December 1 can receive a $5.00 discount by using the coupon code EBVisions at checkout.