Valentines Mini Putz Village

  • Model: LB385


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The latest in our collection of mantle size putz villages... this time for Valentines day.  A sweet little collection of houses in shades of red and pink with lots of heart motifs.

Parts are made out of laser cut and scored cardstock.  NO painting is needed.  Assembly is tiny and fiddly, but very simple.  All houses are displayed on a wood base covered with landscape foam, and landscaped with tiny shrubery   All houses and landscaping items are included.

Our little lane is populated with tiny versions of our vintage artwork Standees, taken from vintage Valentines.

You will need Xacto knife, Glue, Sharp Scissors, Toothpicks, and a good pair of pointed tweezers. 

Entire display measures 5" wide x 1" deep and 7/8" tall at the highest point.