Candle in Skulls Candleholder for you to finish

  • Model: 3d-hal23


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Super spooky!  Four skulls surround a fat, drippy candle.  Perfect for any spooky setting and easy to finish.  Highly detailed resin 3D print is available as a solid print, to be painted and displayed, or a hollow version to accommodate an led chip light.  In addition to the chip, you can add a flickering effect with the addition of the flicker circuit.

IMPORTANT!! THE CHIPS AND CIRCUITS ARE FOR USE WITH 3 VOLT (COINCELL BATTERY) POWER SOURCES ONLY.  THEY CAN NOT BE CONNECTED TO 9 VOLT OR DC POWER SUPPLIES!!  The Coincell battery holder with built in on/off switch is available HERE.  Please read description carefully, you can attach up to 10 different led chip items to one switch.  A separate power source is not needed for each item, so order as needed for your project.