1/12 Scale Tea Lover's Display Online Class & Kit

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This class is closed for registration.  We may do a second offering if the requests warrant it, so if you would like to be placed on a wait list for a second run, please send us an email.  Thank you for your interest!

After months in development, we are so excited to announce our new online class project.  Our 1/12 scale teapot display unit is an amazing combination of wood, 3D printing, laser engraving and so much more. 

The display stands 7.25" in height and measures 4.5" across.  It is made of both wood and 3d printed parts.  This combination allows for the most exquisite details, from the graceful cabriole legs and lovely crown molding to the fabulous flower and teapot garland and elaborate shelves.  You will be amazed at how easy it is to assemble and finish this uniquely original, and oh-so-elegant piece.

But that's just the beginning... after creating such a beautiful display piece, you need  the perfect pieces to fill it.  And this is where you will be able to really make this project UNIQUELY YOURS.  We have created a collection of over 36 beautiful teapots YOU will choose from to fill the little shelves on your display.  From traditional elegant Victorian designs, to Italian pottery, angels, cherubs, holiday designs, and of course several beautiful traditional english teapots, there is absolutely something for every taste!  Looking to create a whimsical display?? Don't miss our amazing monkey  or our Vintage Googly face teapots!  Love flowers?  Fill your display with an entire collection of floral themed teapots.  The combinations are endless! 

There are pots that require a good deal of fine feature painting, but also several that are finished with a minimum of painting.  Some even use water slide decals to provide beautiful roses, daisies, pansies, etc.  So regardless of skill level, there are teapots that anyone can finish. Note that items in teapot menu with an * include a waterslide decal, making for SUPER easy decorating.

You will select 10 single teapots to fill the 9 shelves and a spare just for good measure.

On the center shelf we have included a beautiful teaset including teapot, creamer, sugar and two cup/saucer pieces.  The design of this set is simply enchanting.  It sits on a fabulous laser cut runner.

But it doesn't end there.... on the bottom shelf sits a beautiful cherry wood tea chest.  The beautifully engraved lid opens to reveal six different sections, each filled with little tea bag envelopes in various designs and blends of tea.  The inside lid features a lovely piece of artwork.  This little piece is truly a gem! 

And beside the tea chest is a delightful assortment of tea tins.  Original artwork from authentic vintage tea tins has been painstakingly reproduced and designed to fit perfectly around our 3d printed forms.  You will absolutely LOVE these tins - the artwork is so wonderful, and the pieces are so very authentic, but also so unique.

All of these wonderful elements come together to create a project that we could not be prouder to present.  This project has been a true labor of love, and we know that YOU will love it too.

The kit will contain all wood and resin pieces to create the cabinet, your 10 teapot selections, the 5 piece tea service, all materials for the cherry tea chest, and the set of tea tins.  Students will provide basic tools, paints and sealers, glue, etc.

All instructions will be provided in an extensive online tutorial, which will include photos and written instructions for assembly, and tips and techniques for painting our resin teapots.

Please use the pulldown menu to make your selection of 10 teapots using the numbered photograph as your guide.  PLEASE double and triple check that you have checked TEN boxes before submitting your order.  I am not taking orders for additional teapots at this time, as the class kits are the priority.  Separate teapots will be offered for sale after the online class.  If you order more than 10 teapots, we will send the first ten on your list.   PLEASE order carefully to avoid any confusion, and to  make it as easy as possible for us to fill your order.  This is the first time that we have offered so many different options in a kit. We hope to do more kits like this in the future, but only if we find that it is do-able, so please help us out by ordering carefully.

Due to the tremendous amount of 3D printing necessary for this project, we will have to limit the class size, so do not delay in submitting your registration.  This class is offered on a first come-first served basis.  If you have not taken one of our online classes, please refer to our FAQ's page HERE for more information, or email with any questions!

Anticipated ship date is September 15, 2023.