A Christmas Tea Online Class and Kit

  • Model: OC-CRTEA


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New for Christmas 2023!  Our delightful Christmas Hutch is filled with a wonderful assortment of Christmas tea sets. From Santas and elves to trees and snowmen, these highly detailed pieces are simply delightful.  There are 5 sets that include matching tea mugs, one five piece set which has teapot, mugs, creamer and sugar, and 4 single teapots.  These pieces come to you cleaned, primed and ready to paint.  And down in the lower recessed section of the hutch is a darling little Christmas tree held in a teapot.  The white tree is decorated in gold and has a tiny teapot topper!

This piece would be a lovely stand alone project, perfect to display in your home at the holidays.This piece would be a wonderful addition to a holiday room box, or your dollhouse holiday decor. It would also be a lovely stand alone project, perfect to add to your holiday decor.  Christmas is a wonderful time to share your miniature hobby with friends and family.

The cabinet stands 6 3/4" tall, is 4" wide and 1 3/4" deep.  The doors are embellished with 3d printed holly swags, which when antiqued appear to be carved detailing.  The backs of the shelves are lined with decorative paper and shelf edges are trimmed with paper lace edging. 

The hutch is very easy to assemble.  The teapots are highly detailed, and you will want to make sure that you have some good fine brushes on hand.  However, you can paint them as detailed or as simple as you desire.  Full instructions on painting materials and techniques will be provided as well as photos of the pots from all sides so you can see the details. 

Instructions are provided in an online tutorial that can be used online, or viewed offline by downloading the provided PDF version.

Class size is limited and registration is offered on a first come first served basis.  Estimated ship date is December 18 - 20.

Please email with any questions, and if you are not familiar with our online classes, please refer to our online class faq page for more details.