The Gingerbread Hutch

  • Model: OC-gbhut


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Our delightful 1/12 scale gingerbread themed hutch project!

This piece would be a lovely stand alone project, or would also be a wonderful addition to a  room box, or your dollhouse holiday decor.

The cabinet stands 7 1/2" tall, is 4 1/2" wide and 1 1/2" deep.  The doors are embellished with 3d printed gingerbread children. The backs of the shelves are lined with decorative paper and shelves are filled with exquisite runners and doilies.  A wonderful collection of highly detailed, resin 3D printed models are ready for you to paint.  From elaborate gingerbread houses, to a charming teaset, all are guaranteed to bring smiles!

The hutch is very easy to assemble.  You will need minimal tools and good glue.  The resin pieces are highly detailed and come to you cleaned, primed and ready to paint using acrylic paints. You will want to make sure that you have some good fine brushes on hand.  You can paint the pieces as detailed or as simple as you desire.  Full instructions on painting materials and techniques will be provided as well as photos of each from all sides so you can see the details. 

The final photo shows two additional pieces that can be purchased separately if desired.  I discovered them after I thought the project was "finished".  (Is a project really ever finished??)  They are offered separately as some may not have the space in their display to accommodate them. Retail for these pieces is $17.00 each.  If you add them to your kit, you will get the two pieces at a special student price of $24.00.  That's a savings of $10.00!

Instructions are provided in an online tutorial that can be used online, or viewed offline by downloading the provided PDF version.

This class was designed for Christmas, however we are just now able to offer it.  Why not enjoy Christmas 2023 a wee bit longer, or better yet, get a good head start on Christmas 2024.

Please email with any questions, and if you are not familiar with our online classes, please refer to our online class faq page for more details.